Dissertation Writing Tips in Sweden

Dissertation Sweden writing is the most difficult requirements every student experience. In fact, many students get frustrated when dissertation comes in their way because they need to give more time and do their best in dissertation writing.

Dissertation Writing Tips

  • Have an outline of your argument

It is helpful for the reader that you give them an outline argument on your dissertation to know your points. You should always remember that you are not writing a story, so it is needed to at least have your outline argument in your first or second paragraph.

  • Have an interesting argument

You must ensure your argument catches the attention of readers. You should make the reader think because if they got curious about your argument, they will continue to read about your paper. It is helpful also if you give them puzzle or catchy example at the start of your paper.

  • Right Theory

Having the right theory is important because you will apply this to your work. Even though your argument is different from your chosen theory as long as it supports your paper, then you need not to worry. You should take your theory seriously because it has a big impact on how will you present your paper.

  • Graphics

It is better to present data and results than to have tables. You need to know that data and results provide clear information than tables. It is better to use data because it reveals what you are trying to impart to the reader.

Structure of Writing

  • Introduction: Why and what; brief argument and example
  • Argument/Theory: Outline of your argument and it is where you set up your hypotheses
  • Empirical Evidence: Combination of case, measurement of independent and dependent variables, hypothesis and findings
  • Discussion: discussion of your results or data, discussion to support your hypothesis, the possible shortcomings and illustrative case examples
  • Conclusion: Summary of your dissertation such as what you have learned.

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